4 Reasons to Work With a Financial Consultancy Firm

In today’s DIY world, many decide to manage their own investments. After all, there’s a wealth of information to be found online, and trading forums make it easier for small-time investors to compete with the pros. However, even an investment-savvy person could use the occasional helping hand. Whether someone needs help with retirement planning or they’re deciding how to set up an estate, here’s a brief look at some of the most important reasons to hire a financial consultant.

Help With Retirement Saving

Retirement saving and planning typically goes further than putting money into a 401(k) plan. While these plans are a tremendous help, many have to supplement them with additional investments and savings. Most people live over 20 years in retirement, and if they want to retain their lifestyles, they’ll need financial advice. A financial consultant will review a client’s current situation and help them form a plan that meets their needs and goals.

Marriage and Divorce

Getting married is more significant than the joining of two households; it also involves the commingling of assets, debts, and income. With finances being one of the main reasons for divorce, getting financial advice before marriage can help a couple avoid strife. Financial planners can help spouses budget, save, and make good investment choices. The same applies to divorce; if someone has come into a sizable sum or they need help managing their money, a consultant will help.

Caring for Aging and Sick Parents

No one wants to see their parents become ill with age, but it’s an unfortunate reality for millions. Caring for elderly parents costs money, and if one doesn’t know where to begin, a financial consultant like Kirk Chewning could help.

Estate Planning

Leaving an estate to family members is a way to help them live comfortably after one has passed on, but creating an estate plan is complex. Along with the tax ramifications, adults must consider other factors as well. An effective financial consultant will help a client create a plan that addresses multiple heirs’ goals and needs.


DIY planning may seem like a cheap way to manage investments and finances, but it can be costly in the long term. Regardless of a person’s financial situation, advice from a financial consultant goes a long way in helping them meet their goals.