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Examples of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World
There are many dangerous jobs in the world that people do for a living. These jobs are often risky despite the fact that they form part of their daily living. Below are examples of some of the dangerous jobs in the world.
The first category of people that are doing a dangerous job are the drivers. Here I mean any one who rides a bicycle or drives a truck or a taxi. Research has revealed that motor vehicles kills many millions of people each day and makes others disabled through accidents. The likelihood of getting an accident is dependent on the amount of time you spend on the road. Despite the high risk involved in driving, it does not pay well as some of the drivers earn approximately $8 per hour. You will be surprised to learn that the best paid driver can only take home only $70,000.
Farmers come second in the list of people doing the most dangerous jobs. Although you may think that their work is easy as it has been from the traditional time when they used to plough land with their hands and milk happy cows, things have taken a different turn over time. In order to be at the same par with their fellow farmers in the industry, modern farmers use heavy machines and poisonous chemicals that pose a great risk to them. Some of the common causes of danger for the animals include heavy machines, farming chemicals and their domestic animals. The annual salary of a farmer ranges from $ 32, 000 to over $110,000 per year which means that farming is not a bad venture.
The third most dangerous job that many people do for a living is welding. Due to the high demand of metal, most people have opted to work in this medieval industry. The use of molten that may be very hot is part of the risk that you will have to incur as a welder. Welding is very dangerous as it often claims the lives of many people and makes others disabled in case of any accident. In the US, the average earning of a welder is $39,000. This website contains a list of some of the tools that a welder can adhere to guarantee him safety.
Another dangerous job in this category us firefighting. Despite the fact that this job is done by volunteers, it is very risk. It is estimated that only 30% of the workers doing this job get paid while the rest are doing it as a way of giving back to the society. It is essential, therefore, to appreciate the selfless work done by some of these volunteers the next time you meet them.
Roofers on the other hand, are part of the people doing the most dangerous jobs. The roofers work on very high roof and use dangerous tools to accomplish their tasks. It is worth noting that the risk of the roofing job is due to the long hours of work.

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